DB Pensions – End-June 2012 PPF 7800 deficit

PPF 7800 DB Pension Scheme Funding Ratio - June 2012Data: PPF

10 July 2012
The Pension Protection Fund produces a monthly index update (this month’s release has data taken as at end-June 2012) of the estimated funding position of the defined benefit schemes which would be potentially eligible for entry into the Fund.

Total scheme deficits showed a partial tracing of last month’s heavy increase, falling from £312.1bn as at end May to £267.0bn as at end June with a corresponding improvement in s179 funding ratio to 79.6% from 76.8%.

Assets had a stable to slightly improved month. Deficit movements were again dominated by changes in gilt yields and these, after a sticky start to June, rose significantly leading to an improvement in the assessed current value of liabilities.

A full report is provided by the PPF at this external page

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