Thank you for your interest, please email me at Martin Veasey.

I would also like to help you by providing you with timely updates and access to my research and there are a number of methods you can choose:

Also, whilst I do reserve all intellectual rights and copyright on my work, I am happy for you to share my updates fairly. Please make sure recipients know where it came from, though!

Please note that I am not authorised to carry out any regulated activity under the framework established by Section 19 of the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000. In particular, I do not provide advice or management of investments, nor do I act in dealing or the arrangement of deals.

Martin Veasey

I offer pension scheme, asset management and corporate clients services in the following areas:

  • Professional / Independent Trustee, Non-Executive and Fund Directorships
  • Management of in-house investment and other teams
  • Asset-liability management, funding, solvency and the employer covenant
  • Building of reporting and governance platforms – DC and DB
  • Managing the Investment Manager – due diligence, manager selection and monitoring
  • Assistance in execution/implementation of decisions
  • Working with fiduciary managers / delegated consulting
  • Getting the most out of your current advisers
  • Trustee and team training

Please call me on 07799 370585 or email Martin Veasey for further information on this page or my services.

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